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SAP® Partner Application Development

SAP® Partner Appilcation Development

SAP introduces the SAP PartnerEdge program for Application Development - a market-leading partnering model complementing our market-leading platforms. Impulse Technologies being a SAP EBM & channel partner join hands with SAP to develop SAP partner Based Application Development in SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver and SAP Mobility areas.

  • SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development offers a comprehensive set of enablement tools, support, and other benefits, along with unique platform technology licensing modules to help partners quickly and efficiently develop, market, and sell applications based on SAP platforms to meet the needs of enterprise customers.
  • Access to latest platform technologies to support differentiation in the market platforms ready for development of innovative solutions by all partners effective and comprehensive enablement Self-Service as well as remote enablement and coaching.
  • As part of the partner solution development program Impulse is focusing on developments on
    • SAP Mobile Platform
    • SAP HANA
    • SAP NetWeaver

Why SAP® Partner Application Development?

  • Take advantage of a single global program to develop applications on top of SAP technologies.
  • Engage online, sign one contract and liverage access to all SAP platforms and related services.
  • Create your own Intellectual Property (IP) with packaged application, potentially evolving out of your custom-developed solutions.
  • Engage with easy-to-understand and fully trasparent program pricing.
  • Reach out to SAP experts, facilitated by your dedicated partner service advisor.
  • Enjoy ease of access to all SAP information and interaction via the Application Development Partner Center.
  • Drive demand for your application through SAP websites.
  • Publish your apps in the central location for enterprise customers to discover and buy softwares - the SAP store.
  • Get discovered by customers and other partners via your profile on the Application Development Partner Directory.
  • Go to market as a full solution provider, with the ability to resell SAP technologies.
  • Maintain a single face to your customers while enjoying back up from SAP maintenance and support.
  • Flexibly choose the appropriate end-user licesing model as needed.


SAP Partner Development Focus

SAP Partner Development Focus

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Impulse Technologies SAP Partner Application Development Methodology

SAP Solutions Development Lifecycle