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Master Data Management

Impulse Technologies offers Master data management solutions in SAP & Informatica multidomain MDM to identify and remove inconsistencies and duplicates in your mission-critical data,By creating a single, timely and trusted view of your business, customer, products, suppliers, locations, assets. Our expertise in both Informatica & SAP MDM / MDG enables our clients to achieve value through business & IT initiatives.

Impulse Technologies solutions for multidomain MDM are based on the Informatica Platform, which integrates information and delivers it to any domain context. These multidomain MDM solutions are designed to eliminate excessive time spent searching for and manually reconciling data in different formats across multiple systems. They deliver superior results in multidomain MDM across locations, applications, channels, and departments, enabling your organization to progress faster toward business-critical multidomain MDM goals as below

  • Integrating customers & Improving Sales.
  • Improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Support Managing regulatory compliance to limit risk and enhance transparency.

Data Quality for Any Growing Organization

Bad data can cause huge operational failures and cost millions of dollars in terms of time, resources, and money to clean up and validate data across multiple participating systems. Implementing an effective Data Quality Management Strategy enables the Enterprise to tackle this challenging operational failures. Impulse Technologies expertise on Data Quality helps our clients to achieve short term goals & long terms missions.

Multidomain MDM Empowers the Business with Trusted and Complete Data

A multidomain MDM solution is one that’s enables building a 360-degree view of customer, accounts, including divisions and subsidiaries, products and services, channel partners, and complex relationships between them. Fortune 500 companies and industries from financial services and manufacturing to retailers and healthcare who demand robust multidomain MDM are achieving faster time to value, lower total cost of ownership, and a better return on investment by leveraging Impulse technologies framework & methodologies for multidomain MDM solutions to:

  • Recognize inconsistent and duplicate data
  • Resolve data into a single best version of the truth
  • Reveal relationships between business-critical data such to gain actionable insights that improve business performance

The Impulse Approach – MDM as a organization Asset !

Advise: Strategy is the key to all enterprise success. Driven by business initiatives and sponsored by executive leadership, Impulse works with you to develop the best MDM strategy for your company. We offer MDM Readiness Assessment, MDM Strategy & Roadmap Development Workshops, and Data Quality Health Check.

Architect : Impulse technologies have expertise in implementing various MDM architectural models such as Hub, Registry, Co-existence & Transactional styles in architecting for various domains. We offer best practices and support our clients in identifying the right style of architecture to implement in any domain

Deliver: Impulse technologies partners with you to establish data governance, implement data quality and implement Master data domains developing respective solutions effectively managing programs & projects. Impulse technologies partners with you to incorporate MDM as an enterprise-wide asset rather than just as another project, through customization implementation for your organization.

Assure : Impulse Technologies follows a Total quality control mechanisms adopting the best breed from industries based on ITIL & QA, Six Sigma , Lean principles as applicable to a particular industry vertical. Impulse QA is aligned with the clients QA process and team is strengthened through effective Data governance & Risk mitigations mechanisms for delivering 100% quality services in any MDM / DM domain.

Manage: After the initial implementation, MDM must continue to be an active discipline throughout your organization. Impulse Technologies optimizes the effectiveness of your MDM operations by supporting you to establish on-going data governance processes with appropriate data analysts & data stewardship resources.