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Informatica Professional Services is an award winning global consultancy dedicated to designing and successfully implementing Informatica solutions. Averaging over five years of Informatica-specific product experience, our team of nearly 500 consultants is at the forefront of Enterprise Data Integration. With over 800 customer engagements per year, and nearly two decades in the data management industry, our customers rely on our expertise every day on projects across the globe. On every engagement, whether it is a simple product upgrade, or architecting and implementing a multi-product solution that touches every business unit in a Fortune 50 company, our subject matter experts are there to help you succeed with Informatica.

Our Informatica Data Management product services

Our Informatica – Data Management product services. 

Our Informatica MDM Service Offerings

  • MDM Strategy and Roadmap Development Workshops
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Data Management
    • Quality, architecture, profiling, and governance
  • MDM Integration
    • Canonical, Business Process Orchestration, and BAM
  • Data Quality
    • Helps clients understand the quality and status of their data.
    • Quickly classifies any data quality-related issues.
    • Identifies and plans appropriate solutions for data issues.
    • Reduces exposure to risk.
    • Improves ability to react to changing business environments and conditions.
    • Provides foundation for future MDM initiatives.
  • Data Discovery
    • Profiling through Initial Load including reconciliation and performance tuning
  • Test Strategy
    • Test cases.
    • Automated test data generation.
    • QA management.
  • Deployment and Release Management
  • Production Support
    • Monitoring, Operational Support and Incident Management.
    • Patches/Fixes, Problem Management
    • Release Management
    • Coordination with Product Vendor
    • Change Request Management