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Data Migration

Impulse Technologies Data Migration Framework in SAP environments consists of a best-practices methodologies which combines with efficient market leading software tools and consulting experience wtih various custome engagements.

Impulse technologies Data Migration Framework allows you to accelerate delivery, deploy with consistency and agility, mitigate project risks and optimize reuse across multiple business initiatives to maximise return on investment.

Overview of Data Migration

Data Migration is the process of moving enterprise data and its associated objects from the existing system (RDBMS/flat file, excel file, xml file/legacy db) to the new system (RDBMS).

  • Data consolidation of IT Resources in the event of merges and acquisitions
    • Many Platforms to one
    • Hardware and Software Consolidation
    • Centralized IT Management

  • Legacy System - Moving application to Open standards such as Java, XML, SOAP from Legacy because of their high cost of maintenance.

  • Data Diversity - introduction of new data formats such as RFID, SMS, email in the event of upgrading the application from one version to next version.

  • Data Compliance - Need to validate data against regulations and standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley(SOX), Food and Drug Administration(FDA).

  • Scalability and Performance Management - Current database system is not meeting the organization's requirements its perormance & scalability.


How can we help?

Impulse technologies Data Migration Framework is a comprehensive data architecture strategy that combines customer business process, data management, data governance pratice and SAP technologies, the end result of this framework would help customer to manage their data lifecycles. Below are the four dimensions of our data migration framework

  • Data Lifecycle
  • People
  • Process
  • Technologies

Our Data Migration Framework is more standardized, repeatable, consistent to reduce project risk and cost, improving predictablity.


Impulse Technologies Data Migration offerings

Data Migration Offerings 

Challenges of Data Migration

  • More than 80% of data migration projects run over time and/or over budget. Cost overruns average 30%. Time overruns average 41%.

  • Data migration projects often exceed timelines and budget.

  • Organizations can minimize disruptions and delays by applying a set of best practices.

  • Lack of a planned approach to data migration.

  • Data quality and security issues.

  • Preparing for a fast, reliable, and stringent Go-Live.

Impulse Technologies Data Migration Approach

Data Migration Approach