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IPAE (Impulse Payroll, Account and Expense Management)

Our Payroll & Accounting solution is a perfect solution for HR & payroll activities. Our IPAE (Impulse Payroll, Account and Expense Management) is payroll and accounting software that is delightfully easy to use. Pay employees, invoice customers and track everything without feeling over whelmed .Our IPAE (Impulse Payroll, Account and Expense Management) solution helps our customers, partners to streamline all their accounting, payroll functionalities. Our IPAE solution is robust and contains automated processes like Timesheets, Payroll Processing, Account and Expense Management. Our IPAE solution helps customers to reduce the payroll processing time, resulting in an increase in the payroll cut-off dates.

  • Pay and report all of your federal, state and local taxes electronically. Works great for all US states and territories and many other countries too.
  • Download from your bank, invoice customers, track income and expenses and pay your taxes from the cloud so your data is always safe and available from anywhere.
  • All of your payroll and accounting data is encrypted and private. Easily share with your accountant or business partner.